September 19, 2018


About Make Trainers

What You Will Learn From Make Trainers!

Our company is based on Digital Marketing Training Institute now brings the Advanced digital marketing training courses for Students, freshers, and professionals.

The main aim of our company is to connect the people, facilitating better communication and it has been creating new opportunities for the brands to reach their target audience in a better way.

We help to learn New Tools and process making marketing functions easy in the terms of the amount of information to understand and put efforts to achieve the objectives.

In our company, Digital Marketing Tools and processes by the brands have been increased. It has created a huge need for the people who can understand the digital eco-system and help brands leverage the advantages and produce desired results. As the evolution is still under process, finding the people who can perform various activities of the digital world is increasingly difficult.

We want to be recognized as a leading provider of Digital Marketing and Digital Advertisement for various brands. We are committed to earning our client’s trust through uncompromising dedication to their work.

Employers will not have time to spend on training:

In the current competitive world, the employers will have less time to hire and nurture a candidate; rather they will opt for resources that are ready to perform the task from day one.

Make Trainers Will Provide You To:

We have created make trainer programme to educate more numbers of young graduates and make them ready to work from home or else with the companies right from the day. We are able to understand the pain points of a company in identifying the right talent and make it work for them. The challenging many experiences in this digital marketing, we tried to make us help in taking the initiative to start an entity which trains eligible candidates on basic and advanced digital concepts, by providing them conceptual knowledge and hands-on experience and thus makes them ready to work for the hiring company. Though most of the knowledge is available on the internet for someone to learn all the elements we want to teach, our experience proved that a structured learning process helps the candidates perceive and produce best to others.

Trainers And Assessment:

Training will be conducted by experienced industry professionals and good experts. Students will be given a set of practical assignments, upon completion they will be assessed and given grades. To make this program successful, each candidate will be made to go through the assessment to validate their interest towards the digital marketing, communication, and all other required skills.



Attended several challenging projects and produced satisfactory results in shortest possible time. Endeavors in ranking tough keywords in the organic part of several popular search engines used globally.

Our History:

We emerged with a hand on practice on lots of live campaigns and projects. Meanwhile, we started sharing our knowledge by providing training fresher’s and business professional.

In our company, we provide Digital Marketing Training programmes are in terms of expertise and quality. We offer a wide range of the Advanced Digital Marketing courses programmes that include:

  • Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) Training
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) Training
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Training course that covered tools and techniques such as:
    • Advanced Search engine Marketing
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Youtube marketing

we have on board a dynamic of a well-qualified trainer, who has made a name for themselves in the digital marketing field, and the courses on qualitative aspects designed to make you well rounded and skilled digital marketing professional in a matter of months.